Our history

The Donna Carolina brand sees its origin at the end of the 1950s in the Fiesso d’Artico area, a small village nestled in the green and picturesque Riviera del Brenta, not far from Venice.

Initially, the first company had only a few employees: in that historical period the Italian market did not yet offer many opportunities for development, also considering the important presence of companies already established in the area.

The founders of Donna Carolina have sought in the roots and traditions of the suggestive Venetian territory the inspiration and the drive necessary to create unique creations: constancy, passion and attention to detail have always been the cornerstones that they have guided the company's projects, from its origin until today.

Donna Carolina immediately turned her gaze to international markets, aware of the value and originality of her proposals. Thus the first commercial relations were born with various European countries and, subsequently, with the rest of the world. In this way, the brand began to make itself known and, in a short time, was able to establish itself as a high-level Italian company, thanks to the high quality of the raw materials with which modern and innovative footwear with an eye-catching design has always been made.

Today, in fact, Donna Carolina's creations are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world.

Our products

Donna Carolina is a company operating in the fashion sector specializing in the design, production and distribution of women's shoes for international markets. The range of products is wide and varied and it is always inspired by the latest trends in the world of fashion, for a look that is always refined, sophisticated and trendy.

All items are made with carefully selected, certified and tested materials: the leathers, soles, accessories and even the smallest details are studied cared for, guaranteeing a unique and high quality product.

The processing is performed by specialized team who use sophisticated and cutting-edge machinery, taking care of each phase of the production process. Donna Carolina, in fact, has chosen to treasure traditions and, at the same time, turn her gaze to new projects and perspectives born within the desire for continuous research and improvement. The final product, therefore, is a creation that wants to be not only soft and enveloping like a glove, but also original and always current. Each new shoe, in fact, is tested by different models with different physical characteristics, in order to ensure a perfect fit before actual marketing.

All these aspects are closely linked to the philosophy of Donna Carolina, whose fundamental principle is to offer customers products of excellence that are aesthetically valid and which follow the trends of the moment step by step.