It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But the feet unveil a lot about the a person’s temper. Experts classify them into 5 macro categories, according to their shape. And each of these categories reveals unique characteristics. Let’s see together what are the groups and what secrets they contain.

Egyptian foot. It is tapered and has the classic shape of a ladder with the big toe longest thank the second toe, the second toe longer than the third one and so on. According to the lovers of podomancy, people with this foot shape are concrete, rational, nature lovers and a bit moody.
Greek foot. This category includes the feet with the second toe longer than the big toe and the other 3 fingers are smaller, scaling down. It is reputed the most harmonious foot, so much to be called model foot. For the experts, who has a Greek foot is a person with a strong personality, very active, enthusiastic, always looking for stimulating activities.
Roman foot. It has a square shape, with the first three fingers that are roughly the same length while the fourth and fifth toes are slightly smaller. For podomancy fans, people belonging to this category are very pragmatic, reliable and reflective.
Germanic foot. The last 4 fingers are all the same length and are much smaller than the big toe. People included in this category are rational, concrete, do not like changes and always carry out a commitment made.
Celtic foot. A foot is thus defined if it has a tapered second toe that is very long, more than the big toe. For the experts, this is the category that includes curious people, brought to action and physical activity. Passionate and loyal to their partner.

Of course, you can not know your future, reading your feet, but surely the study of podomancy offers equally interesting information about us. And what do you think? Do you find yourself with what is indicated for the category of your foot?