At any event, ceremony or opening, Meghan Markle’s style is impeccable. Everything about every look is on-point and since her engagement to the Prince Harry, she became an style icon. But one thing that some eagle-eyed fans have noticed is that the Duchess of Sussex consistently wears shoes that are way too big for her feet. If you peek at photos of Meghan over the past few months, it’s evident this isn’t a one-time mistake by her stylist.

It isn’t a wardrobe malfunction, but a strategic choice often adopted by celebrities who, in public events, have to spend a lot of time standing up. The reason? Avoid the fearsome blisters due to too tight shoes. And if the foot slips forward and you risk walking with difficulty? No problem. As the fashion expert Harriet Davey suggests, just fill the tip with some fabric or cotton. Meghan Markle looks at style and practicality too. An example all women can get inspiration from.