Open your own shoe rack and not being able to find the pair of shoes you had decided to wear. A frequent situation in which every woman has found herself at least once in her life!To overcome this problem, follow these simple tricks to have a shoe rack always tidy.

  1. Select the shoes you really use. Surely there are some models that you have not used for years: it’s time to get rid of them and make room!
  2. Clean the shoe cabinet with appropriate products.
  3. To avoid the formation of moisture, and therefore mold, place gauze bags with salt, bicarbonate or bits of charcoal inside the shoe rack. Moisture and mold are enemies of shoes!
  4. Class the shelves according to the type of shoes: sneakers, ballerinas, boots, pumps, etc … When you look for a particular model, you will go without fail, without wasting time.
  5. Place the shoes inside boxes on which to apply a photo or a ticket with the description of the model.
  6. If you choose not to use the boxes, order the shoes according to the frequency of use, dedicating the central shelves for those you wear often and in the highest shelves those that you seldom wear.
  7. Before putting your shoes back in your shoe rack, clean the soles well.

With these few steps your shoe rack will always be tidy!